Type of Drug Crimes

A drug-based crime is generally a criminal offense to possess, produce, distribute, or sell drugs deemed to have a strong potential for misuse. These can include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, cannabis, and cannabis oil (also known as marijuana), and even inhalants such as meth and heroin.


Illegal drugs are also often associated with crime as many organized crime groups, drug lords, and gangsters often control drug production and distribution. The illegal production of drugs is mainly done through the illegal possession, selling or buying of illegal substances. In addition, drug suppliers will often provide products that are not actually drugs in order to conceal their own illegal activities and increase profits. This has led to more drug crimes being committed.


There are three different levels of penalties for a person to be found guilty of a drug crime based on the quantity of illegal drugs they have and the amount they have been charged with possession or distribution of. Most of these offenses carry prison sentences, fines, or both. If you are convicted of a drug crime, it is important to remember that your sentence will be influenced by the seriousness of your offense and the severity of any possible medical conditions that you may be suffering from due to drug use.


Drug crimes can also be charged as “felony drug possession”, where the prosecution has the opportunity to prove that you intended to distribute or possessed a controlled substance or other illegal drugs. If the state is successful, they can use evidence such as pictures and videos of you to prove that you intended to distribute or used a controlled substance. This can be especially effective if the drugs are strong or addictive drugs.


The type of drug that you are charged with depends largely on the state that you live in and what kind of legal definitions apply to the particular type of drug that you are accused of having. For example, some states will consider alcohol or other drug use to be legal, whereas others will only consider illegal drug use to be an illegal possession or distribution crime. Because each state has their own laws regarding these types of crimes, it is best to consult an experienced drug crime defense attorney in order to determine which state’s laws you will be charged under.


No matter what the nature of the charges, drug crime charges can be incredibly damaging to your life. In addition, the state that you live in can affect how long you serve time in jail if you are found guilty of a drug crime, and even if you are convicted of a drug crime attorney, there are still several hurdles that you need to clear in order to help you start over and get back on track.