Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is an obligation to pay a certain amount of money to your ex, or soon-to-be ex, that is usually paid monthly, weekly, or every pay period, and is typically (but not always) for a defined period of time. And the person receiving the money is entitled to use it however he or she …

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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements

Under state law, the couple would otherwise enter into certain agreements, but a prenup opts out of those agreements. Prenuptial agreements can be a trap for some people. Some cases may involve using them as a tool to control the partner who comes into the relationship with fewer assets. A prenuptial agreement cannot include child …

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What Is A Felony_

What is a Felony?

Criminal offenses classified as felonies carry a sentence of more than one year in prison and up to life imprisonment. Criminal acts classified as felonies include: Armed robbery Kidnapping Sexual exploitation of minors Aggravated battery Drug trafficking Arson Burglary Rape Involuntary manslaughter Murder Sexual assault Felonies are further divided into classes based on their seriousness, …

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Armed Robbery

Robbery is not a basic synonym of theft. Robbery is defined as using pressure or scare tactics to take something from another person. Theft is an essential term that describes the removal of an item without the permission of the owner. Armed burglary is the act of taking something from somebody else by physical violence …

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A misdemeanor is a criminal activity that is a small crime and typically requires no more significant amount than a fine, a year in prison, community service, or probation. A felony is a major crime than necessary ramped-up repercussions (assume murder or forgery/counterfeit).  Strain Legal Services has criminal defense attorneys experienced in defending agains misdemeanor …

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