Armed Robbery

Robbery is not a basic synonym of theft. Robbery is defined as using pressure or scare tactics to take something from another person. Theft is an essential term that describes the removal of an item without the permission of the owner. Armed burglary is the act of taking something from somebody else by physical violence or intimidation while lugging a dangerous weapon. Even if it is perceived that you have a weapon, you can be charged with armed robbery. Armed robbery can occur in any type of home, public or personal.

What is an Armed Robbery Charge

To be charged with armed robbery, the prosecution should develop concrete evidence versus your defense. There are numerous elements of a heist that should be verified in order, for example, to have quality. The prosecution should prove that you were: taking residential property from another person, taking residential or commercial property from another individual or presence, the home needs to be carried away, planning to permanently deprive the holder, utilizing physical violence or intimidation, as well as using or carrying a harmful tool if the prosecution can not confirm all of these aspects, after that there are appropriate grounds for dismissal of the case as well as acquittal of the offender.

Defenses to Armed Robbery Charges

While there are no warranties, understanding your civil liberties and lawful alternatives can enhance your defensive approach. The most common defense to heist holds true of incorrect identification. The break-in might have happened, yet the defendant did not devote it. This can be verified by security cams, eyewitness accounts, and also alibis. Security electronic cameras are one of the most precise means of showing who the criminal activity perpetrator was. Eyewitness accounts can be outstanding for protection; nevertheless, eyewitnesses can also manipulate them if the witnesses have a partnership with the burglarized person. Alibis are a solid defense, especially if there is physical proof to show you were not near the criminal activity when the robbery occurred. In order to be convicted of armed robbery, the prosecution needs to prove past a reasonable doubt that you in face dedicated the criminal offense. Mistaken identity and also false allegations can weaken the prosecution’s case against you.

If You Are Charged with Armed Robbery

If you encounter an armed robbery accusation, never openly talk to law enforcement officers concerning the situation without an experienced attorney present. You will often be asked inquiries that you may not wholly comprehend and can unintentionally incriminate on your own. Hiring a seasoned robbery lawyer at the beginning of the accusations can supply the best result for your case. An experienced can usually locate procedural concerns such as unlawful search and seizure, which will undoubtedly compromise the case versus you.